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Class Reviews from Real Students

But What About Our Regular Members?

We are so excited to be joining San Tan Aikido…my son is thrilled each time he comes to class and is gaining focus and confidence as he progresses. Tom Sensei is very energetic, positive and skilled, and he and his staff relate very well to the children. We are grateful for this program for sure! Samantha Paez

Aikido is amazing… My son took it for years from Tom and loved it. It’s a great way to build strength and courage. It also gave him the confidence to be the young man he is today!! Donna Montes

I have become a more confident person in school and everywhere else. When I give answers in class, I project my voice more, and participate more often. I have also become less shy. I have been talking to my friends more, and complimenting people I don’t know very well at school. I have become calmer and am developing coping strategies in stressful situations.

Emma, student with 2 years of training

It has been helpful because I’m more aware of the mean kids at school and I’m especially aware of my space near them and anyone else. I feel a lot safer now that I know what to do if they were trying to hurt me in any way. And it’s fun! Sophia, training for 1 year

Training at the Dojo makes me feel happy and it feels like I belong here because everyone there helps each other. Sophie, student with 16 months of training

Training at the dojo has given our daughter a personal confidence that she can accomplish anything. At the dojo she had learned that focus and dedication are tools she can use to be successful in school and other endeavors. Gabe, parent

We have noticed more confidence in our son and he is excited for the potential of becoming a leader in the dojo. Catie, parent

Training in Aikido has made me more relaxed. Evan, student with 1 year of training