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About Us

Tom Joanes, Founder and Chief Instructor, opened San Tan Aikido in August of 2006.   We are passionate about bring out the best in each other, as martial artists, as human beings, and as contributing members to our global community.

We are NOT looking to become one of those mega-dojos, or McDojos, or black belt factories that exist to make owners rich.  We are a small dojo that cares more about quality than quantity.

 At San Tan Aikido, you matter.  You are noticed and acknowledged.  You are lovable and you are loved.  (Yes, we just said lovable and loved.)  We don’t require you to change who you are, or become “one of us” to belong.  Rather, belonging at San Tan Aikido simply means: BE the amazing person you already are, and develop into the more amazing person YOU want to be.  That is our Purpose.  We BELIEVE in YOU! (Sometimes more than you believe in yourself…)

 We serve Southeast Valley of Phoenix (Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Mesa, Higley, San Tan Valley, and Apache Junction).